BIM workgroup meeting (construction and handover stage)

BIM workgroup meeting (construction and handover stage)

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Nordecon (Toompuiestee 35)

All owners are welcome to join the meeting! 


Today’s issues:

  • BIM model is not used in the FM phase / how it should move from one phase to the next
    so that all get value and the owner benefits the most?

  • Today the traditional process and BIM processes run parallel. It is easier for the owner
    to “ask for everything”

  • Usually in the as-built phase 3D and 2D start living a separate life (although in design
    process it is already quite common for them to be one)

Result of the meeting: recommendations for national BIM requirement improvement dedicated for
'Construction and Handover stage' to be used during construction procurements.

To ensure, the market is able to execute requirements, a series of supporting
materials are also produced:

  • BIM Manual

  • Examples

  • Templates

  • Trainings

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